Bacon Related Funny Gifts

Bacon is a meat product that is loved by many across the world. Manufactured mostly from pigs, pork is a product that is used for breakfast, lunch and dinner in unique meal plans. However this product has fallen victim to a lot of jokes and pranks and bacon related products have been proven to be among the best hit gag gifts.

Examples of bacon related funny gifts include:

1. Dancing Dashboard Bacon – This car dashboard accessory is shaped as a bacon with smiling eyes and a mischievous grin that does a merry dance as soon as the car starts moving. This is a unique accessory as most dashboards are graced with Hula girls rocking to the moves of the car. This accessory is sure to leave you smiling if you are a lover of bacon as well as leave the non- lovers having a soft sport of it. This bacon product can be purchased for $7.50 on Hoboninja. Careful though, you may end up craving bacon every time you enter the car.

2. Funny Bacon Themed T-Shirts – These t-shirts have funny bacon inscriptions that are sure to leave you in stitches of laughter. With inscriptions such as “I like Pig Butts and I cannot Lie”, this kind of gift goes a long way to leave smiles in the faces of all who come across the person wearing the gift t-shirt. These can be custom made with other Bacon-ey inscriptions and can be purchased for only $20.95 on .

3. Bacon Flops Puzzle – This unique and funny jigsaw puzzle is a fun gift for friends and family or even for yourself especially if you are a bacon lover. This puzzle once completed shows bacon flops and looks like quite the yummy treat. This 30 piece puzzle can be framed or taken apart and reassembled when done being put together. This is an ideal gift for bacon lovers. Purchase this item for only $12.00 on .

4. Bacon Air Freshener – This gift is ideal for the meat lover loved one you have in your life. This bacon scent will fill their house or car with a tantalizing bacon related aroma that is not too mild and not too strong. You can enjoy this aroma without worrying about greasy dishes after everyone has eaten to their fill. This Bacon air freshener funny gift can be purchased for only 2.75 on You need to be careful though; you may fall prey to the tantalizing aroma and end up eating the freshener. Your stomach will not be pleased at all if you do.

5. Bacon Strips Band Aids – These bandages that look like a strip of bacon are used when one has nipped or cut themselves. This band aid is sure to lighten up your mood and ease your pain especially since everyone will be wondering whether to take you to a psyche consult as you may be losing your mind by using pork/bacon to take care of your wound. Next time your friend is hurt why not buy them bacon strip band aids for $5.95.  These also come with a free toy to lighten up ones day.

Who would have thought a simple meat product would be funnily construed to create fun gifts. You can get these and more in online stores such for products ideal for pork lovers around the world.

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