10 gadget gift ideas for under $100

10 gadget gift ideas for under $100

Magpul iPhone cases ($13, $30)

If they’re good enough for William Gibson, they’re good enough for us. The author tweeted about the Magpul cases in October, saying they were the “best-engineered/made”, in his opinion. The Field Case is less expensive, but the newer Bump, for the iPhone 5 models, is designed for “snag-free removal from pockets.” Did we mention that Magpul is better known for its tactical products for firearms, such as grips and sights?

Pivot Power ($30)

There’s nothing worse than needing to plug a large adapter into your power bar and discovering that it won’t fit because you’ve already got other oversized bricks plugged in. The Pivot Power is the solution. Each outlet is on a module that can articulate independently of the others. So each of the six ports can accommodate a large adapter, if need be, and the entire bar can bend around furniture or fit into a corner. And because the Pivot Power is also a surge protector, it will keep your electronics safe, too.

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