Gift Ideas For New Fathers


If your friend or family member has recently become a dad then it is customary to provide him with a little gift. Picking out the right gift is easy if you consider some of these great and traditional ideas.

Some Time With His Wife

New parents will quickly notice how much less time they have for each other and if you want to give something that really comes to a good use consider babysitting.

You don’t need to spend the whole night or day babysitting just let them know that for one evening you’ll come look after the baby while they go out for a lovely dinner.

Or even come and take the baby for a ride while the new parents can enjoy some peace and quiet together.

A Night Out With The Lads

You could also just organise a night out for the father as well. This is a nice idea and will allow the dad to really celebrate the new baby. Go to a sports game or concert and have a good time with the closest group of friends.

Just make sure you run your plan with his wife first and that you also make sure someone is organising something fun for her as well on a separate night.

Sport Equipment For The Baby

If the man is really crazy about sports then it is a nice idea to get some sports equipment for the baby. For instance, a team shirt of his favourite sports team can be a nice idea.

You could even get a small soft toy, for example football or baseball that the father and baby can play together with. And it doesn’t matter if the baby is a boy or a girl there are lovely options available for both.

A Vintage Drink

Having a baby is a life changing experience and the new father could use a little drink to prepare for the late nights. Instead of buying something regular from the local shop it is a good idea to get something a bit more special for this special occasion.

Try looking for vintage drinks at the Vintage Wine Gifts website, for example. The website has a range of drinks from wine to whiskey and thus you can find something for every taste. There are a lot of these special retailers online so just Google his favourite drink and you can find something special.

A Quality Camera

You could also think about getting him a quality camera to store all those new memories about his child growing up. This is a lovely idea for the whole family and is often something that the dad’s might enjoy a bit more.

The above gift ideas for new fathers are a great way to celebrate this new chapter in his life. Just spend some time thinking about his personality and go with the best option to match his lifestyle.

Ruben is always browsing the web for some great gift ideas to give for men. He wants to help women and men make better purchases for fathers, husbands and friends since buying a gift for a man might sometimes seem tricky. On his free time he likes to play chess with his friends.


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